Care Plans

Your website is fundamental to the success of your business and you want peace of mind that it will be up and available for your audience 24/7 without interruption.

Care plans also offer the reassurance that when you need something done, and you simply don’t have time to do it yourself, you have the resources readily available to execute it efficiently and effectively. Priceless.

Software Updates

Updates are crucial for the performance of your site. Your site is powered by WordPress - an open source CMS which powers over 25 of the web and the page builder and theme is powered by Beaver Builder. We host the software for you and manage your software updates

Security Monitoring

This is run as part of the software update process. We carefully make sure your site is protected and there are no plugin conflicts

Weekly Backups

Things can go wrong thats life We run weekly backups of your website to ensure your data is always available should we need it to restore your site

Web Hosting

Hosting is required to store the WordPress files on a web server We use high performance Sydney based hosting partner for optimum website performance with a 99.4% uptime guarantee. Hosting is included for free in all Care Plans.

We do not provide email hosting, we recommend Gmail for email hosting and can assist you with configuration with your domain name. Please contact us for more information.

Email Support

Email support includes 5 x 5min support ticket submissions per month for basic content publishing assistance.

Any requests that require more than 5 mins work or correspondence are considered a job, and will be deducted from your Care Plan in increments of 15mins.

We always strive to respond promptly but please allow up to 48hrs during peak times.

Websites Delivered Care Plans

Priority Email Support

Priority Email support includes 5 x 10min support ticket submissions per month for any publishing or development assistance, and we guarantee to keep response times under 24hrs.


JobBLOCKS are blocks of time that you can use for specific development, design or content publishing tasks. The amount provided in your Care Plan varies depending on which Care Plan you choose. You can also purchase them on a adhoc basis.

Care Plan Cancellation

Whilst there are no Care Plan contracts, and you may change plan at any time, if you decide to cancel your Care Plan completely, you will need to host your website files with another web host, and there is a $95 package and delivery admin fee.

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