Keeping Your Sanity And Focus As An Entrepreneur

Maintain Sanity as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurism is the recent trend among millennials and others looking to cash in on a balanced work-play lifestyle. But no conversation is being discussed about the blood, sweat and tears needed to achieve relative success working as your own boss.

The hard truth is that most business owners are stuck in a repetitive and gruelling work routine seven days a week. Most owners find it difficult to swim out of it and end up knee deep in 80-hour work weeks, on the brink of mental and physical exhaustion. So how does one keep their sanity and focus during all of this?

Taking time off for yourself

If you feel you are on the verge of losing it, it may be best to take a step back from it all and force some regular time outs. This time away will recharge your energy and drive for your work when you get back and who knows, it may even help you reinvent some ideas for your business.

This time off should be reinvested into developing yourself and the relationships or things you may have put off while creating your business. Think of yourself as a sponge, open-minded and ready to soak everything up around you. Reach out to friends and family and listen to their problems and stories. Work on your interests and hobbies. Be away from the work and focus on reaching a meditative state-of-mind that is free from matters of your own business.

‘I would if I could’ I hear you say. You can – it’s a choice.

Establish your boundaries

Most entrepreneurs are compelled to work around the clock which does not help maintain mental health and focus. A technique to battle this, is by establishing certain boundaries of time you focus on work and the times you focus on everything else.

For example, set a certain time for each day you will stop working. Once this time is reached and you have returned home, stop thinking or talking about the work that still needs to be done.

Another useful tip is to establish boundaries for the work you do on your smartphone and on other electronic devices. Your weekends, from Friday afternoon to Sunday should not be spent calling for report updates or checking emails.

Also get in the habit of creating a to-do list at the end of each day which will help settle any worries you may have as you will be more prepared for the next work day.

These simple tips will definitely help you sleep better without the constant nagging feeling that you should be doing something else. It will also clear more time for yourself to focus on areas that will strengthen good mental health such as exercise, socialising and working on hobbies.



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