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Web Design - KISS

A new website project, or a website overhaul can be very exciting, but also quite overwhelming. Suddenly you’re faced with really delving in and analysing your business and your products and services – and more so, how you want it to be publicly perceived.

From, ‘I just want a simple website’, you can quickly arrive at, ‘Oh glob, I need to re-assess everything! And I have so much work to do now!’

Hold tight. Breathe. There’s a pretty straight forward process to breaking it all down – I cover some of this in this post – the key thing is to know your audience and be crystal clear about what they want, then the main task is to simply prioritise the objectives of your website and just focus on the top 2.

When it comes to your actual content – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID – it’s better for everyone, plus your site should be constantly evolving, so you should always be updating it and improving it over time.

Finally, set concrete deadlines – it’s easy to let it drag on. If you remind yourself to KISS, then it should help you meet those deadlines.

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