What to look for when designing a website?

Don't know where to start?? We make it simple...
This guide breaks down all you need to know to when designing a website.
There are many factors to consider when designing a website, the influx of information can be overwhelming. At WebDel- our goal is to make this process as simple as possible and feel the relevance of sharing a few core elements that you should be aware of when designing a website.
We reveal all the tips that web designers don't want you to know!!
There are a few key components that professionals use when designing any website, learning these key foundations will give your website the professional edge without the big price tag.
A vital element to consider during the process is the use of a appealing clean design. The visual appeal is what draws the eye and attention of the customer so figuring out a consistent colour palette to integrate through the entire site is imperative in creating a harmonious uniform experience for the user.
With the use on contrasting vibrant colours to draw the eye for things like call to action and buttons, creating structure and easy navigation enhancing the experience of the user. Maintaining the balance between colour and white space is just as crucial- this contrast promotes an uncluttered streamline design.
Professionals biggest kept secret
Great emphasis should be made on the benefits of not over complicating. Having a website that has user friendly navigation, ease of access to essential service or product information and clear structured layout, will have far greater impact over one that is overloaded with content, cluttered and difficult to navigate.
Dan Veltri, co-founder and chief product officer of Weebly, advised limiting your top-level navigation menu to five clearly labeled tabs with related pages organized under those."Five to 10 pages is sufficient for the majority of situations",Veltri said. "Add site search to the top-right corner of your site so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. Use a few strategically placed, high quality photos to give your site a professional look".
Capturing your audience through visual aspects such as photos and videos maintains viewer interest. But its not all about the eyes, evoking the senses through the use of audio is also a helpful tool. It can be done with product or service tutorials , or offering guidance navigation throughout the site. Everything has a purpose and visualising the user and what they require is fundamental in generating a website that is user friendly and functional.
Knowing your audience and what devices they are viewing your site on is key.
Having a website that is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices is key in capturing the increasing market of customers who use their smartphones or tablets far more than viewing on their computer. The value in ensuring that the website you have developed and worked so hard on is going to appear as aesthetically pleasing on a mobile device, as it does on a computer screen. Becoming mobile optimised ensures that you are reaching your entire audience.
The purpose of many websites is to generate sales leads and develop contact with customers. Make sure customers have clear direction on how to contact you and prompts to capture their information also. Obtaining an email address to create a database creates opportunities for marketing growth and to keep in contact with the customer down the track for further offers.
Ways of keeping up contact with customers on your site is:
*Prompts for email address
*Expressions of interest
*Contact Us
*Call to actions enquire now, for more information, ask us how
Trust your instincts and enjoy the creative process. You are the expert in your business.
Knowing the answers to these few questions will give you the edge:
What do i want to get from this website?
What do my customers need from my website?
Where do you see your business benefiting from a website?
These questions are a great guideline to begin with in understanding and evaluating the needs and functionality you require.
Make it yours add your personal flare and dont be afraid to take risks. Reflect the perception you want your business to have on customers. Utilize the functionality that your website can offer to create the ultimate experience for your customers and make your website work for you

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